The Community Energy Exchange Ledger for your Village...

SecureAgora empowers your Community with an Energy Exchange Ledger to track all Contributions (cash, property, labor) and automatically distributes excesses in Community abundance in Bitcoin to each Member’s then-current Basis in the Community (as the balance is maintained in their Energy Exchange Ledger).

SecureAgora by SecureX Technologies

Attract Donations

Donations made to your village need to be reflected to the Benefactor such that he/she feels like an included and appreciated Member of your Community.

He/She needs to know the amount of his/her current contribution Basis (percentage) to your Community at any moment in time.

Track All Energy Exchanges

The Private Members in your Community have signed their Agreements and are contributing to the building and maintaining of your village.  Some have brought money.  Some have donated land or equipment.  Most contribute their labor.  So how to value their contributions equally?

Tokenize Your Community

You’ll need to eventually ween your Community off of the local cash currency, especially when it is converted to a politically-controlled, centralized digital version by the government.

Cryptocurrency is the solution, but sooo many options.  Do you create one exclusively for your village or go with an existing token?

Transact with Bitcoin

You’ve decided that you need to Tokenize your Community, but you don’t want to create yet another Cryptocurrency.

Creating your own token on a blockchain is risky, illegal in some countries, and, at best, a confusing process in a still-maturing industry.

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