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Jewel – A Private Membership Association (PMA)

By acknowledging (electronic signing) this Private Membership Agreement (the “Agreement”), you are consenting to the contents herein and accepting membership as a Member of this Association (“Member”) in doing so.  Because you are presented with this gateway to entrance, you either want or need to visit, work and/or live on the Sacred Jewel land this Agreement so governs.  As a Member, you may be a visiting worker on a structure or system for the Sacred Jewel community, a visitor to a community event, a patron of the short-term lodging rentals, a short or long-term resident, and/or an energy exchange contributor to the various community sustainability endeavors including bioAg and animal husbandry. For these efforts we thank you.  All who access the Sacred Jewel lands must agree to and sign this document and become Members.  The next three paragraphs are most important for you to understand.

The reason for a PMA is quite simple.For some, those that desire to fully exit the “public” and build and live in the “private,” this will be the last document to which you ever provide consent.  However, in the “public” sector, one consents almost daily in just about everything you do. For this reason, many are trying to leave the public and remain in the private, full time.  Because we believe most Members will keep a foot in each (public and private) for at least awhile, this document becomes extremely important and more robust than it would otherwise need to be.

As you enter the Sacred Jewel land, you will be leaving the public jurisdiction of the corporately governed world of citizens, cities, counties and states, and entering into the private jurisdiction of the Sacred Jewel Land Trust.  By definition herein, all Members become sovereign stewards of that land.  The sensitivities and sensibilities of the two, private vs public, are quite different and often at odds with each other.  Corporate governments provide and monitor permissions that limit the otherwise Constitutionally-granted rights of humans.  In the public, there are middle layers like attorneys and insurance.  They are not necessary, nor available, in the private lands.  It is for this reason that we take so much care in cultivating your understanding and receiving your acknowledgement and agreement that you will protect the Constitutional Rights of the Members who have agreed thusly before you.

By becoming a Member of the Sacred Jewel, a Private Membership Association (the “Community”) which collectively governs the relationship of the Sovereign Beings that are hereunder designated as the stewards of the Community lands and the intentional village supported thereon, and/or any other medium or social media group started by, created by, or organized by the Community, I agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement as follows.

  1. This Agreement is a living document.By signing it, I agree to the current conditions referenced herein, and any that may be added or deleted as the majority of the Members so dictate. Thus, I agree to revisit this Agreement regularly, to remain current with the covenants me and my tribe have agreed to in each moment in time. Any modifications shall be in alignment with the Community’s mission and vision.

  2. This Agreement shall remain private to your eyes only.  You may not share it from within your SecureAgora application, or via verbal, printed, email, social media, text, or otherwise any other medium.  This covenant is especially important because there are other covenants herein that pertain to the safety, security and longevity protections of the Members specifically to this Association that require they remain absolutely private.

  3. Accordingly, you may also not share ANY information contained in your SecureAgora application. When acknowledging (electronic signing) of this Agreement, you expressly agree that your use of any and all features of the SecureAgora application shall remain 100% confidential, shall be shared with no one, and is provided to you for four reasons:

    • To record and retain the electronic acknowledgement to the covenants contained herein, and to provide you access to them from your personal Smart Phone such that you are able to review the then-current version thereof, and the date you accepted participation therein; and

    • To register your eMail in the Sacred Jewel system for same and require you to create your own, personal password thereto; and

    • To eMail you a unique, personal gate code used for your exclusive access to the property; and

    • To facilitate your logging of contributions, when applicable, of donated resources (money, time [labor] and/or materials).  NOTE: If there are no Categories configured in your Energy Exchange Ledger, then you are either a paid vendor or are not expected to participate in any of the trackable energy exchanges.

  4. You hereby agree to provide an accurate eMail address for the sole purpose as stated above, and to hold sacred
    the personal gate code, sharing it with no one.
    Furthermore, you agree not to transport or otherwise provide access to
    any individuals to the Sacred Jewel property that do not have their own
    SecureAgora application, as proof that they have signed this Agreement.

  5. This private
    association of Members declares that our objective is to provide two
    levels of Membership: the Land Members whom live and work upon the land,
    and the Support Members whom provide resources, service and support to the
    Community without living on the land and/or are otherwise yet to be
    established as Land Members. Land Members are further governed in the Joya
    Sagrada Trust Agreement.

  6. The
    objective of this private association of Members is to provide equal
    co-governance by and amongst each and every Land Member, while allowing both
    Member types with a platform in which to conduct all manner of private
    business with the Community and with other Communities and Community Members,
    keeping all business in the private domain and utilizing the protections
    guaranteed by the Constitution to conduct business in private and to
    provide a platform for Members to conduct business in the private domain
    under all protections acknowledged and guaranteed by the Constitution.

  7. This private
    association of Members believes that the Constitution of the United States
    of America and the Charter of Rights of Canada guarantee our Members the
    rights of free speech, petition, assembly, and the right to gather
    together for the lawful purpose of helping one another in asserting our
    rights protected by those Constitutions, Charter and Statutes, in addition
    to the rights to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right
    to not incriminate ourselves, and the right to freely exercise all other
    unalienable rights as granted by the Natural Prime Creator of the Universe
    and our Infinite Creator Selves and guaranteed by those Constitutions,
    Charters, and Statutes. WE HEREBY Declare that we are exercising our right
    of “freedom of association” as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and
    equivalent provisions of the various State Constitutions, as well as the
    Charter of Rights of Canada. This means that our Community activities are
    restricted to the private domain only.

  8. This private
    association of Members declares the basic right of all our Members to
    decide for themselves regarding which Members can be expected to give wise
    counsel and advice concerning all matters, education and any other matter,
    and to accept from those Members any and all counsel, advice, tips, whom
    we feel are able to properly advise and assist us. In doing so, each Member takes full
    responsibility for him/herself.

  9. This private
    association of Members expects the freedom to choose and perform for
    ourselves the types of education that we think best for achieving and
    maintaining proper education for Members’ families consistent with our
    educational philosophies.

  10. The mission
    of this Community is maintained and stated within the Articles of
    Association of the Joya Sagrada Land Trust, with the protections
    guaranteed within the aforesaid Constitution and Charter remaining fully

  11. The Community
    will recognize any persons (irrespective of race, color, or religion), who
    have joined this Community through the processes governed herein, and are
    in good stead with these principles and policies, to be a Member,
    providing said person has not been sanctioned or banned by the collective
    vote of the Land Membership. In
    doing so, the Community will provide a medium through which its individual
    Members may associate for actuating and bringing to fruition the purposes
    heretofore declared.

  12. Membership
    to this Community, the “Sacred Jewel”, and any of its groups may be
    terminated by the collective vote of the Land Membership at any time
    should they conclude that a specific Member is interacting with any other Member(s)
    in a way that is contrary, or detrimental to the focus and principles of
    this Community.

  13. I understand
    that, since The Community is protected by the First and Fourteenth
    Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, it is outside the jurisdiction and
    authority of Federal and State Agencies and Authorities concerning any and
    all complaints or grievances against The Community Members or other staff People.
    All rights of complaints or grievances will be settled by the collective
    vote of the Land Membership and will be waived by the Member for the
    benefit of The Community and its Members. By acknowledging this Agreement,
    I agree that I have sought sufficient education to determine that this is
    the course of action I want to take for myself.

  14. I agree to
    join as Member of the Sacred Jewel, a private association under common
    law, whose Members seek to help each other achieve better health,
    education, and good quality of life. My activities within The Community are a
    private contractual matter that I refuse to share with the Local, State,
    or Federal investigative or enforcement agencies. I fully agree not to pursue any course of
    legal action against a fellow Member of The Community, unless that Member
    has exposed me to a clear and present danger of substantive evil, and upon
    the recommendation and approval of the Community.

  15. I am aware that the will and
    sovereignty of the human population has been usurped and controlled by those who
    are currently in power (federal, state, county, and city or town political
    offices—as well as behind the scenes influences). These politicians have, by and large, ignored
    their oaths of office, ignored that they are in service to the people, and are
    therefore of a service-to-self mentality. Subsequently, the People have had to
    deal with unlawfully imposed mandates, and have been coerced into compliance,
    in order to participate in mainstream culture. I am aware that such tactics and impositions
    have been in place long before any Covid mandates, and I recognize that it is
    now time to return to self-governance.

  16. I am
    ready and willing to participate in a Community that is taking an alternative
    approach to control-based (service-to-self) politics, and is practicing
    self-governance. In doing so, I am ready and willing to take responsibility for
    my own sovereignty and my own actions. I
    am aware that this commitment in and of itself, takes great responsibility and

  17. I am
    willing to contribute my skills and gifts, and to participate in the
    co-creation of this Community. I am
    willing to participate in Community projects to build gardens, infrastructure,
    and maintain the land and structures on the property. I am also willing to assist with community
    kitchen duties, and any help needed for maintaining and running the vacation
    rental, and retreat center business.

  18. I am
    ready and willing to participate in practices that promote introspection,
    self-evaluation, and personal growth. This
    entails a willingness to work on the emotional body, and to confront my fears
    and emotional wounds. That by
    definition, personal growth and expansion may lead me to re-evaluate my current
    belief systems and perspectives. And
    that by doing this work on my Self, not only promotes a healthier sense of Self,
    but a healthier overall Community. Furthermore,
    I present myself to the Community as a person ready and able to stand in
    his/her own power and not give my power away. I am not here to hide, rather to participate.

  19. I am
    willing to participate in weekly check-in meetings with the entire Community. The intent of these meetings is to keep communication respectfully and openly
    flowing amongst the Community; it is an opportunity for ideas to be brought up,
    grievances to be aired, and for Members to ask for help or support on an issue,
    personal, or otherwise. I am aware that
    each Member will have a turn at hosting the weekly meeting, and I am willing,
    when it is my turn to do so, to lead that meeting.

  20. I hereby acknowledge, fully agree and
    under (inner) stand that, as I am a sovereign People under the United States
    for America constitution, my personal rights and freedoms are under a
    tyrannical attack from various powers. As such, I agree to participate,
    both within this Community as a member thereof, and as my own sovereign being,
    in the further exploration, un-cover and discovery of the various sources that
    might be responsible for, and ultimately explain said infringements and
    impositions, as well as, and most importantly, the potential remedies that
    might grant me and my Community freedom and relief from them. I agree to
    be open minded and use extreme vigor, discernment and critical thinking in the uncovering
    and learning process, and thus I agree to attain exclusive use of the
    to be able to defend myself, the Sacred Jewel Community itself and
    the participation of our Community in its separation and removal from the
    governance by the existing beast system, as we move to a more sovereign,
    self-governing model.

  21. In
    signing this Member commitment, I am agreeing to all of the terms mentioned
    above, and I promise to be honest, forthright, and respectful of each community
    Member, as well as honorable and respectful of the land, and our mother

  22. I enter
    into this Agreement of my own free will without any pressure or coercion. I affirm that, as a Community Member (a
    Member of this Association) I am joining in the capacity of a private
    Member and not the capacity to represent any Local, State or Federal
    agency whose purpose is to regulate Community business, or to carry out
    any mission of enforcement, entrapment or investigation. I have read and
    understood this document, and my questions have been answered fully to my
    satisfaction. I understand that I
    can withdraw from this Agreement and terminate my Membership in this Community/Association
    at any time, and that my Membership can and will be revoked if I engage in
    abusive, violent, menacing, destructive or harassing behavior towards any
    other Member of The Community/Association. These pages consist of the
    entire agreement for my Membership in The Community.

  23. I agree this
    Agreement began on the date of my joining “Sacred Jewel” or any other Community
    designated within the Community bylaws. I declare that by joining this Community
    and/or the Community’s social media groups, I have carefully read the
    whole of this document and I understand and agree with it. I also agree that, should I disagree with
    any part of this statement, I will immediately provide written notice of
    termination of my Membership here.

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